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Blood Brother: Friday, May 17th • CineArts @ Marin Theatre in Sausalito.
Opening Night Reception Begins at 5:30PM.
Brought to you by The Arquez Foundation.


The Defector: Sunday, May 19th • CineArts @ Marin Theatre in Sausalito.
Begins at 7PM.
Brought to you by Blue Angel Vodka.

OPENING NIGHT: Blood Brother

MOVIE SUMMARY:The unmistakable power of love is celebrated in this story of one young man's endeavor to restart his life. Rocky arrives in India as a disillusioned tourist, but life changes when he meets a group of children living in an orphanage with HIV. With their help, he discovers the value that his uniquely playful spirit and loving determination can offer in the face of despair.

BLOOD BROTHER ultimately reminds us that a truly meaningful life can sometimes be found in the most unexpected place.



DATE: Friday, May 17th

WHERE: CineArts @ Marin Theatre in Sausalito

TIME: 5:30 PM

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SATURDAY NIGHT: America's Cup: 150 Years in the Making

MOVIE SUMMARY: The America's Cup story is a journey through the dramas of the oldest and grandest event—and the greatest obsession—in international sport. Narrator Walter Cronkite takes you behind the scenes, examining the Cup's hold on some of the most powerful men of seven generations, each possessed by Cup fever.

You've heard the names: Lipton and Vanderbilt, Ted Turner, Larry Ellison. Filmmaker PJ Panzica sails you across the decades from wooden-hulled grandeur to high-tech machines of carbon fiber, sailing on the edge, pushing to the limit.

DATE: Saturday, May 18th

WHERE: CineArts @ Marin Theatre in Sausalito

TIME: 7:30 PM

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MOVIE SUMMARY: As Kim Jong-un takes the helm in North Korea, Dragon smuggles defectors wanting to escape. His latest undercover trip takes an unexpected turn when he has to leave two North Korean women stranded in China. This is only the beginning of an extraordinary 5,000 km journey.

Beautifully shot, with a compelling high-stakes story, THE DEFECTOR poses broad questions around human smuggling and the pursuit of freedom.

The film has been selected into 10 international festivals since its launch at IDFA.

DATE: Sunday, May 19th

WHERE: CineArts @ Marin Theatre in Sausalito

TIME: 7:00 PM

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