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The astounding story about how our everyday devices are supporting illegal mining in Congo. Poulsen’s harrowing 82-minute film illuminates the real human impact the illicit conflict minerals trade is having on the civilian population in the region. Through children forced to work in the mines, fearful of being caught in the crossfire of the armed militias vying for control of the lucrative mines, or whose families have been torn apart by years of persistent violence, the conflict has touched the entire region. With unprecedented access, the award-winning film connects the violence on the ground in eastern Congo with those of us thousands of miles away powering up our laptops and carrying around our cell phones.

After Film Discussion with Muadi Mukenge from Friends of the Congo.


4:00 PM – Mission Blue Theater Sunday, August 21st

Bay Area Premiere

Directed by: Frank Piasecki Poulsen

Runtime: 82 Min

Price: $10