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Saturday, August 20th | 1:30pm
Callippe Theater

A French photographer famous for his ‘Earth from above' footage, films 54 different countries . . . full summary

Jane's Journey

Friday, August 19th | 7:00pm
Callippe Theater

It would be hard to name anyone who has had more of an impact in the realm of animal
research and wildlife . . . full summary


Saturday, August 20th | 12.30pm
Mission Blue Theater

Sounds Like a Revolution is a feature documentary about a whole new generation of activist musicians . . . full summary

Bombay Beach

Saturday, August 20th | 2:30pm
Mission Blue Theater

The rusting relic of a failed 1960s development boom, the Salton Sea is a barren Californian landscape . . . full summary

You've Been Trumped

Saturday, August 20th | 4:30pm
Callippe Theater

What happens when Donald Trump moves in
on an environmentally protected area on the
Scottish coastline? . . . full summary

Project Happiness

Saturday, August 20th | 5:00pm
Mission Blue Theater

What is happiness, and how do we have a happy life? A group of teens, who feel unable to experience personal joy . . . full summary

The Harvest

Sunday, August 21st | 1:00pm
Mission Blue Theater

The revealing story of the children who work as many as 12 hours a day, six months a year in the scorching hot sun . . . full summary

The Grove

Saturday, August 20th | 7:45pm
Mission Blue Theater

More Americans have been lost to AIDS than
in all the U.S. wars since 1900. But few know
of the existence of . . . full summary

Bag It

Saturday, August 20th | 7:30pm
Callippe Theater

An average American guy who is admittedly not a "tree hugger" makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags . . . full summary


Sunday, August 21st | 4:30pm
Callippe Theater

It’s been said that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in a standoff with the Bolivian military . . . full summary

Why Not Now?

Sunday, August 21st | 1:30pm
Callippe Theater

Combining rarely and never before seen
footage of one of Sausalito’s most colorful characters . . . full summary

Blood in the Mobile

Sunday, August 21st | 4:00pm
Mission Blue Theater

Every time we communicate through our cell phones we are associated with the crimes in Congo . . . full summary

Hell and Back Again

Sunday, August 21st | 7:00pm
Mission Blue Theater

Photojournalist-turned-filmmaker Danfung
Dennis portrays a vivid and realistic view of
war and its aftereffects . . . full summary

Special Secret Screening

Sunday, August 21st | 7:30pm
Callippe Theater

A very special, very secret screening of a
highliy acclaimed film. As in the past we don't reveal the film until showtime. . .buy tickets